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​Integration of Renewable Energies & Micro Grid

  • Site Selection and Impacts analysis

  • System Sizing and Design

  • Micro Grids for rural Electrification and Emergency Measures to enhance Grid Reliability

  • Develop and propose referential protocols for the interconnection codes and integration of renewable energies into the grid and in the portfolios of generation resources.

  • Define templates for different types of projects (Requirements, Solution types, Business and Operation Models)

  • Provide to the stakeholders, databases and knowledge bases on the best practices for the efficient management of renewable resources.


Electricity Market Reforms and Regional Power Pools


  • Design & Manage Implementation Process of Market Rules

  • Prepare and perform Audits of Existing Electricity Market and Regional Power Pools: 

    • -Regulations, Policy & Rules, Objectives, Governances, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), available capabilities and resources in comparison with high performing Power Pools.

    • -Alignment of regional and national judicial environment

  • Update and implementation of best practices in relevant business processes.

  • Training & Acquisition of required competencies

  • Introduction and usage of management and operation tools.

Energy Efficiencies & Energy Savings Programs


  • Review field-proven existing programs to propose Model and roadmap

  • Perform audits on existing infrastructures to establish the starting baselines.

  • Propose Policy Guidelines, Governance to achieve Energy Efficiency Targets

  • Propose implementation plan of the roadmap for existing infrastructures

  • Define pilot Projects to validate the approach and confirm the KPIs.

  • Propose criteria and monitoring mechanisms for new infrastructures and future projects.

Improve Operational Performance of Existing Power Utilities


  • Use existing best in class references to propose Operational Models and objectives

  • Perform Audits to establish the starting baselines

  • Establish a Maturity Model and associated KPIs

  • Propose Improvement Programs to achieve higher maturity levels

  • Provide coaching in the implementation of the recommendations.

  • Introduce & help Implement self-assessment capabilities by existing Power Utilities.

  • Review & recommendation on required IT & OT Infrastructures

Implement the foundation for Culture Change in the Areas of Asset Management of Generation, Transmission & Distribution Infrastructures

  • Use our Best-in-class Strategic Asset Management (SAM) practices to Define and update Asset Management Policies and Processes. 

  • Define and update the associated detailed business roles and processes.

  • Propose an adaptation of the SAM/PAS 55 Maturity levels with corresponding KPIs

  • Propose roadmap to achieve cost effective, high ROI in asset management

  • Propose cost effective schemes for the efficient and effective implementation of the roadmap

  • Introduce & help Implement self-assessment capabilities by existing Power Utilities.

Strategic & Operation reviews, Due Diligence & Audit


  • Key Drivers (Validation & Impacts, Disruption & transformation Potentials)

  • Deep Dive & Key Vital Changes

  • Roadmap & Execution Action Plans

  • Validation of Market Analysis

  • Operation review templates and Best Practices

  • SWOT (Internal & External)

  • Operation KPIs to transform Strategy to Actionable Plans

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